Are You Ready For The New Barcode Requirements?

The USPS is making a huge change in 2011. The POSTNET barcode will soon be replaced with the Intelligent Mail Barcode.
So how does this affect you? This will have a great impact on all mailings. One example would be if you are mailing anything with a BRM (Business Reply Mail) or CRM (Courtesy Reply Mail), this directly affects you. The post office will not allow a mailing to be sent with a BRM or CRM envelope containing a POSTNET barcode. You will have to get new art from the Post Office for your reply piece and have them reprinted with the new Intelligent Mail Barcode.

Feel free to contact us any time and we will gladly assist you with the transition.

Intelligent Mail Barcode


The post office has pushed back this requirement. For now you can continue to use your reply mail with the POSTNET. However, the change will take place at some point, so you may as well make the transition sooner than later.