Avoid the Biggest and Most Common Mailing Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes we see the most often is a mailing with a reply envelope that does not contain a FIM and barcode. If you don’t know what a FIM is, I don’t blame you, but here’s the bottom line... without the FIM and barcode, your mailing is automatically going to be surcharged at least .04 per piece. You may as well throw money in the street.

What is a FIM?
FIM is an acronym for Facing Identification Mark. Basically, it identifies the manner in which postage is paid - i.e., Business Reply Mail or Courtesy Reply Mail.
The FIM is the set of vertical bars in the top right area of the Business Reply mail piece. Also, included on the reply piece is a pre-printed barcode. The USPS is soon requiring this barcode must be an Intelligent Mai Barcode replacing the traditional POSTNET barcode. This can have a huge impact for anyone with a large inventory of Business Reply Mail envelopes. The combination of the FIM and barcode is what will save money on postage.

Are You Ready For The New Barcode Requirements?

The Postnet barcode is being replaced with the Intelligent Mail Barcode - New Barcode Requirements Coming in May 2011!

New Upload Feature Added

dropbox_logoSay goodbye to large email attachments and worrying if the email went through. Our new uploader is up and running!